Dear Me… Those Playful Days of Life

Whenever we think of playful days of life, everything cheer us up. That is the best thing about the playful days of our life. We enjoy everything as it’s our last day and we will not get this moment back in our life… one more time. We think in the moment and, we live in the moment, just like mayflies. I was enjoying the same feeling once again, after a long time.

Playful days

2010, 22 December, it was… just like my daily routine (playing cricket and badminton), I came back home in evening. I took shower… went to lit candle and put incense at the personal shrine. Later, while walking into my room, I fainted. One of my cousin brother saw me and told my grandpa, as, no one else was at home. He took me to the hospital and the doctor did all the tests that were required at the time. Next day, my grandpa came home with reports and said, “Tomorrow, we need to go to the hospital to admit you.” Saying that, he went to his room. He was sad and got worried for me. Because, he lost 2 of his kids and he didn’t want to lose me.

Next day, at 4am, I had nosebleed because of nasal dryness due to high fever. I had blood all over my cheeks and chin… my pillow was in blood. I called grandpa. He called the ambulance and took me to the hospital. Luckily, I got one bed in ICU after visiting three hospitals. My condition was critical… platelets and hemoglobin were dropping from blood. Doctors were doing well by giving their 100 percent. Likewise, I also gave my 100 percent… not physically but mentally. I wanted to get well, as soon as possible.

After spending the darkest 15 days of my life in the ICU, I was shifted to a regular hospital room. The daylight was a blessing for me. I was getting better, day by day. After 15 more days, the doctor agreed to discharge me from the hospital. Yet, I was supposed to spend my next 5 months at home (taking medicines and following a healthy diet chart) because of weakness caused by brain fever.

Nonetheless, I discontinued my medicines in 2 months, as, I thought my health is good and I don’t need to continue my treatment. The major reason of discontinuing medicines was something else. I came to the peak level of boredom in life. I went into depression after spending my 3 months on a bed, in a room. I knew, I need to start my life once again with a new beginning by forgetting few past moments.

Things started coming back on track when I was accepting the real life that I was supposed to live from now. I got curious in the coming months. I wanted to know the purpose of life… I wanted to know why I’m here..? why I got one more opportunity to continue this life.

Playful days

I don’t know why, but I hardly knew what is happening around my life. Family members.., friends.., I had no idea why they are there and why we need them. Because, the first thing I want to know, right at this present moment is why I’m here and what the purpose of my birth is.

Coming years were all about the lows and ups of my life that is faced by almost everyone in this life. 

To be continued…

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