Love Never Fades Away, Memories With That Person Do

Love should never fade away from our life. This valentines, trying to understand the meaning of love, from love itself. We all have the emotions and feelings in us, likewise, love is also secretly hiding the emotions and feelings in itself. Here in this piece, let’s just feel the feelings of love which you always have in you.


We know each other since long,
Yet, we don’t tell, our feelings are strong.

Whatever happened since that time,
our whole world is whirling on a chime.

We like each other like a kid,
Yet, not making any strong bid.

We care like a doctor,       
by not being a proctor.

We spend our days in a fairy-tale world,
Yet, we live in a new world.

We respect like a wise,                                        
by not creating the highs.


Yes, we love each other, and, we don’t want to let our love fade away. We are ready to let this love, let go. Because, we know, this is how our love will stay hassle-free.


  1. Parminder Kaur February 14, 2019
    • Yug February 14, 2019

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