Dear Me… A New Journey of Randomness Began

You need to have that randomness or the uncertainties in life. Having all these is like, you have the feel of liveliness in your life. You feel energetic and you have a life that is worth living. I personally believe that randomness is the best teacher.., no matter what you want to learn or what you are searching for, this randomness carries all the answer of your question.

I was dealing with multiple things at a time because of relentless heat of life. Moreover, I was also scared of the things that were happening in my life. Effectually, my grandfather took a wise step for the life I had in front of me. I moved out to a new city with my Uncle and Aunty.

**Seven months.., I spent there… and I had the terrible time in that city. Everything was new for me, as, I was at a different place than my birthplace. It was the first time, when I stepped out of the city since birth. People around me were putting their efforts to teach me, how to live in the society… and the mannerism we all should have while living with the people in the society. **

In the year 2000, we moved to a new city because of the transferable job my Uncle had. New home, new people, new culture, new society.., everything was different from the previous city. I got admission in a new school. I and my cousin brother found a place to play and made few friends in the housing society. A daily routine has happened… wake up, get ready, go to school, come back, do the homework, go out to play, watch TV, study or sleep. Everything was amazing without the worries of life. We had no idea about the next moment of life. As, we were too busy in enjoying the present moment. Life was fun.

Everything, that was happening in life, made sense to me (I hardly knew what sense meant in life). The randomness, like, playing & fighting with friends, going to movies, sneaking out of the house (when everyone is sleeping), stealing the fruits from the garden… everything was wonderful. But, life had a new randomness for us, as a surprise.

Three years passed away. We moved to another city. Things we used to do were same, yet, playing area, school, friends, society…, all were different. The randomness my life had, was still there. This new city was not that happening for me. I had a different kind of feeling, staying here. The dreams became nightmares for me. I started sleeping for less hours. That feeling of getting apart from closed ones made home in my heart. I was seeing the death of my life’s peace.



Phone rings… Aunty picks up

“I and Joy need to visit my father’s place. My brother wants to see Joy”, aunty said. The silence made room.

“What’s new is coming for me? Why we need to go now? We can visit them after 2 months, during summer vacations. But, why now?”, I was questioning myself.

To be continued…

PS: Life never asks you what you want to have. It simply gives you what you need to have. Interestingly, surprises are always in the store of your life.

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