Dear me… Father’s Death Shattered Me

My father’s death vandalized me from inside. One day ago, I hardly knew, what death is. But, in that one single day…, I sensed the feeling of losing my father. Not having him around was the worst feeling I was going through.



I spent 7 years of my life with dad. These were the initial years of my life. He looked after me when no one was there. He stood beside me when my own people were avoiding me. I was a kid, who barely knew what is right and what is wrong. Those people, whom I should have called my family… they were developing that hatred feeling in me. I rarely used to see my mom during those years. I don’t know why… but, my own mom, who gave me birth, she never liked me. She never spent her time with me. Outwardly, my father was there in every other second of my life. And, that was enough for me… as, he was offering me all kinds of care. He was trying his best to develop the feeling of love for everyone in me.

Unknowingly, he taught me how to love.., how to care. And, most importantly, he taught me how to protect your loved ones from the immoral vibes.

“Hey Dad,
I’m doing great. I’m struggling and trying every possible way to make you proud. Indeed, I’m also missing your absenteeism. I remember, it’s your birthday today. I wish you would have been here At times, I think a lot about the bond we shared. Because, I really miss your company… that friendliness nature, we shared during my childhood is missing at present. I’m sorry for letting you down at times. I know, you don’t want me to get stuck in life. Yet, sometimes I feel as if I’m still there… spending my time with you… enjoying and playing… without worries.
Those days with you, were the best days of my life. Today, I want to rewind the time and want to tell you, “Don’t leave me ever.” I want to hold you tight, so that you never leave me.
Thank you dad for being good to me all the time… for tolerating my stubbornness and for showering all your blessings onto me.
You beloved Son

To be continued…



PS: You understand someone’s importance when they are not there for you. Cherish everything on time… before the death. Eventually, time never waits for you or me.

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