Dear Me… Temporary to Reality to Truth

Why everything is temporary? Even the present moment is moving so fast. The time moved on. It fled in a flash, when I was getting apart from the friends.., the friends I made during the preparatory school. A new place, new teachers, new friends and new home (Dad told me that this new school is your home too). In a day or two, I realized that I was in boarding school.

“Everything is different here… 10 – 12 students in a big room… 10 – 12 fans on ceiling… one table and chair at one side of the bed… and, a wardrobe at another side. We are not allowed to use the lamp light after 9pm. At sharp 5am, we need to wake up. No one help us in getting ready. Breakfast, lunch and dinner times are fixed at this place. We can’t even play for more than an hour. A place full of restrictions.”

“It’s been a year. Dad is not there… not even family members. Everyone from the school, disappeared in 2 days, because of summer vacations. Yet, I’m here, waiting for my dad.” There, he is… that smile on his face. He came in front of me… took me in his arms and hugged me tightly. “Dad, don’t leave me ever”, that’s what I wanted to whisper in his ears. I kept myself on a silent mode. I didn’t say anything to him. Summer vacations went well, as the last days were finely spent with father.


I’m in 2nd standard now… following the same rules and regulations of boarding school. Everything was same like last year. Nothing changed here, except the class. Another summer vacation came… Again, I’m eager to see my dad. Unfortunately, no one came this year.

“19th August 1999, my uncle came to take me back home… Yes, I’m going now. This time, I will not come here… I will tell my dad, not to send me back to boarding school… I really don’t like this place.” I was talking to myself all the way to home.

“Uncle, where is dad? Why these people are here? Why they are crying?” I questioned. “Nothing son, let’s go and take rest”, Uncle responded.

I couldn’t see my dad since that day. He passed away on 06th August, 1999. I was 7 years old… barely knew what passing away is. I sat silently in a room after all of that… wanted to scream out loud, but, kept everything inside.



Life was teaching me a lesson of change that we see in every other moment. Things were temporary. May be, that feeling of sadness was also temporary.

To be continued…

PS: Never get excited in life. No matter, if you are happy or sad, life will slap you tightly on your face and will wake you up in a second. Be real and be strong to face the truth.

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