Dear Me…, That Fearful Night!

Dark night it was. “Why is that person coming to kill me? What I have done? What I did wrong? Did I hurt someone? Or that person is misled by someone? ”, “Well, I don’t know… I’m just trying to figure it out like any other kid.”  ** This is what my heart was sensing while I was sleeping. **


It’s almost 1 Am, the doorbell rings. I hear it at first go. “Grandma… Grandma, someone is at the door”, I said. “They are here to hurt us. Please save me. What we will do? Will they go, if we do not open the door?” Continuously speaking.

“Shhhh… don’t be afraid. Let me check through the window who is there”, said Grandma. “We need to move out as soon as possible… don’t make noise and stay away from lights”, Grandma continued. We started walking to the back door of the house. No one is at the back gate. ** That was our luck**

We moved out of the house… searching for a place to pass this fearful night. It was dark everywhere. “No place is safe”, my heart whispered. My body is trembling… I’m unable to walk properly… Heart is beating in fear. Eyes are searching for something that can protect me and make me feel safe. But, I don’t see anyone.


“Come with me, we need to sit here… don’t make noise or else they will find us”, Grandma said.
We sat down near the wall with good height. “Grandma is right, no one can find us here”, my heart whispered again.

Trying to figure out who it was… *Trying to see that place with sharp eyes… who all are there to hurt me? ** “That’s Mom”, A voice from inside came. 2-3 people were accompanying her. They were there to kill me…. not me actually. They were there to kill my strength, my hope and my willpower to fight wrong and the fears of life.

To be continued…

PS: That’s what many people do. They are there to hurt you, not physically, but mentally. They kill your innocence, honesty and your humanity. Don’t let them do that. Make your fears, your strength.


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