I’m Sorry, I’m Growing Up!

Feeling sorry for something? That’s a good choice… but staying with the feeling of sorry is not a good choice, I would say. I hurt my friend and later I feel bad about it. Feeling bad is directly about feeling sorry for my actions of hurting my friend. Now, it doesn’t matter if I waste my time saying sorry to my friend. I did wrong and I felt bad about it… that’s all. If I want to say sorry for the same, then I can do that, but, staying with the feeling of sorry will eventually eat my whole heart from inside. Ultimately, the individual need to get of that negative feeling (thoughts of wrongdoing) in order to live a happy and satisfactory life.

Sorry For Everything I Did!


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I’m sorry for…
Coming into this beautiful world,
Making a mess in your smooth going life,
Being a stubborn kid,
Not listening to you!

I’m sorry for…
Doing things on my own,
Listening to my heart… instead of yours,
Taking steps to make my wish true,
Making my own dreams and for working on them!

Sorry For Everything I’m Doing!

I’m sorry that…
I’m raising my voice,
I’m making a change in the society,
I’m not following the regular norms of the society,
I’m challenging our traditions!


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I’m sorry that…
I’m focusing on my own happiness,
I’m not sitting in a corner and crying in a silence,
I’m making you my proud indirectly,
I’m finding my own purpose of life!

Sorry For Everything I Will Do!

I’m sorry…
I will achieve my dreams one day,
I will let people hear my voice,
I will do good for this beautiful world,
I will not hurt anyone!


Source: lepetitjournal.com

I’m sorry…
I will stay out of the league,
I will stand alone to build my self-respect,
I will be the pillar of courage and strength,
I will not say no to my heart!

Sorry, But I Will Follow My Heart Anyway!

Finally, I have time for myself,
I don’t know the process of working on my dreams,
I don’t know who is going to support me or guide me,
But, I know one thing, i.e., “my soul is still with me!”


Photo Credit: Surendra Singh

PS: I don’t need anyone in my life to help me in achieving my dreams… I just need my soul. Once the soul leaves, then I will need people to burn my body… not before that…!

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