The Moments Of Life, We Never Snapped!

Moments have always been the major part of our life. Sometimes we enjoy the moments for a longer period of time (if the moment is good)… but at times, we hate the same moments like anything (if it is bad). Why we do that? Is it the real moment, we should think of? Or should we let go of the moments just after capturing it into the camera?



All the moments that were captured

A group of friends (couples) was travelling to Goa… a state known for the beach and trance parties in India. They planned their trip for 5-7 days. In those 5-7 days, they had the collection of approximately 2500 captures or clicks (that is the count list of the pictures that were captured in DSLR camera). The clicks by Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook were not even counted. So the number is big and they have stored the memories of the trip in the disk. Each photograph became the part of the story… and the combination of all the photos is the complete story of the trip. Undoubtedly, all the moments were well captured.



The never snapped reality of moments

Now, the memories or the best moments are well captured… but what is the thing that is left behind??? Or the thing that was supposed to be captured in the heart instead of that disk?
I guess, it was the time when all the friends were sharing their actual personality with each other… It was the moment of love or care that was showered among all of them from one another… It was the second in which they all felt their value and importance in each other’s life. It was the pondered walk that led them to be the one… One.., as a human being full of humanity, thoughtfulness and kindness.



PS: It’s good to have the pictures of past moments we have lived in our life… but, additionally, it is also important to have a look at the small things that we have missed or avoided in our past. Because, these small things help us in becoming a better human being in this humankind world.

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