Getting Better By Facing The Toughest Days of Life

At present, I’m facing the toughest days of my life. This present is beautiful… it is beautiful as I’m facing the hardest time of life that I did not want to face earlier. This write-up is weird, unrealistic with reality and it is reflecting the hopes that I have in my heart. Let’s discover the actual feelings of my heart.

toughest days


Rolling Down the Toughest Days

I have done almost everything,
Everything that I wanted to do in this life,
I learnt new skills, extended my knowledge,
Worked on my patience level and changed my daily routine.

Pleasure, perseverance, constancy…
Everything is there…
That is what I felt at one point of time.

But, nothing is slowing down,
I’m unable to incline towards anything.
My inner self is not satisfied,
Someone is hitting me hard from inside.

toughest days


I feel the pain, inevitable pain,
A pain that can’t be expressed,
You can just feel it, by sitting beside me,
And drowning yourself into my world.

That’s how you can understand my feelings,
That’s how you can perceive my emotions.

Want to Give a New Start to these Toughest Days

toughest days


I’m trying to fall in love… in love with the toughest days. Because, I have realized a thing, “You can’t transform yourself in a better way, until and unless you don’t fall in love with your present.” Falling in love is a way through which you understand every situation of your life in bits and pieces. And, somewhere you also start hating the things you start understanding. Consequently, you will find the new door to open in life.

PS: Life is about experiencing the new things. May be you can experience them today or maybe tomorrow. But, never lose the hope of experiencing the new beautiful things.

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