A Tribute To My True Feelings

There is a thing about my true feelings that I notice in every other second of my life. I feel that my thoughts are weird… they are gloomy. I feel happy, I feel sad at one single point of time. People say that I’m scared, but this is not true.  I’m not scared, I’m in a dilemma… a dilemma full of emotions. I’m not stressed… I’m not in the state of depression either. This is just a beautiful phase of my life.

true feelings

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Beautiful Phase Of My True Feelings

I don’t know what positivity in the world is. But, if I talk about my perspective then, it is the reality of your feelings, emotions and your words. It is the positive form, when you do not try to escape from your feelings. For instance, if you feel like doing something outlandish then just do it. Because, doing so will help you in gaining the new experience in life.

true feelings

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The learning is better than all other materialistic things you earn. Learn, how to express your true feelings. Don’t think about others perception. Sit in quiet surroundings… think about the things you want to do and do not give the second thought.

Feel Your True Feelings

Feel the feelings about leaving,
Leaving the things you don’t like…!

Feel the feelings of beginning,
Beginning of war with your soul…!

Feel the feelings of light,
Light in your heart…!

Feel the feelings of searching,
Searching the true self of yours…!

Feel the feelings of love,
Love what you have today…!

true feelings

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This world belongs to you. Everything that exists here is just for you. Understand everything you come across and try to know the reason why you are here exploring this beautiful life?

PS: Remember, philosophy is about the art of living.


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