Your Eyes Speak The True Language – Yes, They Do

Eyes speak louder than your words. Yes, they are right. I had experienced the same, few days back. This feeling was eternal.


Eyes… The True Speakers

When you open your eyelids,
You open the door of your emotions,
Emotions… as they speak of your emotions.

They offer me an entry,
Entry to enter into your soul,
Soul… as they show me the true colors of your rainbow.

Your Eyes..!

Your eyes…
They unfold the chapters of your life,
A life full of bubbles,
These chapters… they reflect your strength.

Your eyes…
They are talking to me,
Speaking about your love for me,
Love… full of care and emotions.


Power Of Eyes

Eyes… They save the beautiful relations you have with people. They have the power… a power that reflects the sparkle of love and care. You can see the desire and intimacy in the eyes. You can see the beauty of your soul in the eyes of your loved ones.

“When I look deeper and deeper in your eyes,
I see my soul,
Soul… full of desires, hopes and love.”

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