Trusting Her Was Not Difficult, Because Lying Was

“In dating, trusting the person is difficult”, that’s what they said to me. I merely believed them. Days passed on… my belief about trust was same. Later, a day came.., I started dating someone. I thought I won’t be able to trust her. Likewise, I didn’t know if I will be able to develop a wall of trust between us. Fortunately, I discovered the truth… truth about trust and lies.


Instead Of Trusting Her, I Was Unable To Tell Lies

Instead of thinking about being honest and telling her about the situations and my feelings, I started being myself. I told her what I do, what I’m and how I’m. My actions were telling the truth about my feelings for her. I never thought of developing the feeling of trust. Interestingly, I started trusting myself more… I found, it is really easy to trust her.

Apart from the trust, I realized that it is really hard to tell lies… my soul never permitted me to tell her a lie. May be, speaking of a truth became easy for me. I found a different side of the statement that was shared by people with me. They told me, “Trusting is difficult.” But, I was unable to tell lies to her. As, I was interested in telling the truth.


Trusting Her Carelessly, Because She Is What She Is

Today, it is really difficult for me to tell her a lie. I can trust her easily… devoid of second thought.

PS: We all face the problems of trusting our partners. Yet, we never see the different side of trust or a lie. We never think of balancing the two sides of the coin (trust and lie). When someone balance both the sides, then they have the most expensive relationship. And it is so expensive that, no one thinks about buying it… and some people not even think of destroying it. Because, it is beyond their reach.

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