A City That Discerns My Story

A city where we live, covers lots of secrets… the secrets no one knows about. I do not know why and for what purpose, this beautiful city holds our secrets with so much courage and confidence. This write-up talks about the amazing support provided by a city to our life.


Who Discerns My Story? This City?

During my last trip, a strange man came with a very common, yet an interesting question. “Who discern your whole story?” he asked. “I don’t know…” I replied with a smile. His question set lots of alarms in my mind. Because, eventually, I thought that many people know my story… a story with lots of ups and downs. But, I truly didn’t know the answer of that question.
I filtered infinite thoughts in last 10 hours. Fortunately, I found the answer. This city where I live discerns my story.


A City Offering Me A Support

This city is not just a city for me. It knows all my secrets… ups and downs, I have gone through. It supports me when no one is there. It holds my hand… walks with me… and together we hear the heart whelming songs. We don’t talk much… yet, we exchange our thoughts with the feelings. It simply listens to my screams… the screams that comes from the heart. It understands my pain and my fear… later, it takes them away with the drift of wind.


A Lesson Taught By This City

We all place some demands in our relationships (sometimes we have expectations too). However, in this relationship, demands and expectations are far away. We never expected anything from each other. We simply enjoyed the moments and devoted our revered time to one another.
And here I’m, holding the experience of amazing lesson taught by the city.

PS: Someone is secretly supporting you.

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