I Don’t Know Whether It Is Love Or We Are Just Good Friends!

Good friends! Yes, we are. We share a beautiful relation. This beautiful relation is about love and that’s a concealed secret. Concealed secret, because we don’t know if it’s love or we are just good friends.

Good friends

We Acted As Good Friends Only!

I still remember.., the days of life were usual… I was isolated with my wounds of life. Although, life was in good flow and the days were normal for me. It was a sunny day and I met him (my husband)… a tall, thin and smart guy. The conversation started with “Hi”, “Hello…” a normal meeting without any extraordinary feelings.
Days passed… our meetings continued for days and days… time duration of meetings also expanded. We went for outings… went for late night walks… never thought about the circle of a clock… how it passed on and on.

Good friends

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I Found My True Self With Him (Friends Zone Unveiled)

This is something that I realized later… I discovered my true self after meeting him… I started loving my life… loved the surroundings… loved every single entity that I came across.  Most importantly, I started loving my scars… my wounds.
“I took a new birth” that’s what I felt. I was feeling like a newborn baby who never recalls his/her past life. Everything was new for me… I saw my new side… this side was very bright… I saw a shining light that never went off.

We Got Married (Still Confused, Is It Love Or We Are Good Friends?)

Good Friends

After a year, we got married… one of my friend told us that we make a good pair… I don’t know what convinced us… but, we both accepted each other without any expectation or a demand. At present, we are happily married. I’m still unable to discover, what I can do for him… because whatever he did for me is something I can never do. He makes me smile… he gives me a reason to enjoy this beautiful life. I hope I do the same for him.
Apart from all of this, I’m trying to be a good wife… a good friend… a strong pillar to support him.

I wish Happy Valentine’s day to every person.

Good Friends

PS: Don’t search for a partner… Instead, be the person you are looking for… One day you will find your love and a good friend.

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