She Was Shattered and Broken, But Her Heart Said, “Everything Is Fine!”

Broken from inside and shattered from outside…
She was a mountain… standing still,
No one stated her tranquil. *that’s what she thought*

Yet, the city was writing her story,
Perhaps, she was aware of her allegory.



Someone found the pieces of her broken heart,
He placed it together and twisted it into an edge.

Once again, she became the princess of the fairy tale,
And considered him as her prince of the fable.

She felt her inner self in the presence of his scent,
But, that was not the first essence of rain…,
It was the stench of the mud.

Soon, she realized… it was a droplet,
That meant to be blowout.

The pieces of her broken heart were decorated in the crystal box,
Instead, they should have been sealed in the golden chest.

Her Shattered Heart Was Again Crushed Into Pieces

She thought that someone is trying to fix the broken pieces,
But, the artist painted her reflection into more sections.



Here, when the artist left the painting in between,
She saw a reflection of self in within. *within her soul*

There she was, into her own solace,
The bareness was created by her own concern.

A thought of realization set in her head,
A sense of approval made a home in her heart.

She felt the vibes, something unusual and beautiful happened,
Something that she never felt.

That Shattered Conversation With Her Heart That Made Her Smile

Her insight told her,
“Look across this beautiful earth.
Everything is yours, every small thing belongs to you.

You are not alone and shattered,
Your heart is not broken into pieces.

These pieces deliberately make you strong,
The moments help you in being you.



These broken pieces heals your wounds,
They hurt you and it’s only their responsibility, to make you a better person.

So don’t worry, because your heart belongs to you,
And it will never hurt you forever.”

PS: **The broken pieces help you in filling all the wounds and the breakdown happens because a single piece cannot fill all the injuries.**

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