Do We Respect the Freedom

Respect – a phenomenon that reflects your personality of caring and loving nature. Freedom – another wonder that makes you a wise person. Both respect and freedom are very much connected with each other. As, freedom needs respect in order to conquer the path of a wise person. Similarly, respect also needs the support of freedom, in order to complete the cycle of giving and taking the respect from others.


Do you respect others freedom? – Find it by yourself

Do you respect my freedom?

Freedom of opting for my career?
I also want to be an artist… not an engineer or a doctor…
Freedom of going out?
I also want to see the outside world… a world that I need to accept someday…
Freedom of choosing my life’s path?
what if I will fall??? That’s fine for me… as I will stand again…
Freedom of choosing my friends?
I don’t feel the connection with your friends… Then why should I make them my friends?
Freedom of wearing the cloths?
I guess, they are angry because they can’t wear this dress…
Freedom of going out in night?
I have all the right to wander through night… because I too deserve to see this world in the night…


If you cannot respect the freedom of other’s then I guess, you too do not deserve the freedom of ruling other’s life (no matter if it’s your child, or if it is someone else).

My freedom is mine and yours is yours – Both deserve equal respect

My freedom is with me and your freedom is with you…
If you are respecting your freedom, then do respect my freedom too…!
If you respect only yours, then stay away from my freedom…!
You better live your freedom… because, I’m busy in living mine…!


Artist: Yamini

PS: People are killing one another – I don’t know, for what they are doing this. We have got a beautiful gift of freedom with us, then why we are disrespecting each other and for what? Can’t we make a peaceful world?

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