Smile – It says a lot more than words do!

During my last trip, I learned the importance of a smile. How the smile speaks and how it delivers the message from one person to another person. I discovered the true meaning of a smile. Additionally, I found the meaning of happiness too. Because, happiness itself pass the message through the senses. Ultimately, it leads us to the smile. A smile that brings happiness and joy in our daily life.


There is no need to search, all you need to do is to smile

I was driving in the desert, where I saw no one around. After the drive of approximately 140 kilometers in the desert, I saw 3 people. One young man with 2 of his daughters, who was waving their hand. I saw them and wave my hand in return. That was it, the smile on their face, the happiness and the satisfaction. Both little girls got happy and smiled. Seeing the daughter’s happiness, the father had also experienced the feeling of happiness and joy. They did not have the sources that we have. Still, the level of satisfaction is so high that I cannot describe here in my write up.


“That’s all they need to feel happy?” If yes, then I too want to experience this feeling. Even, I too want to live the life they are living. Yes, I really want to go through that phase of life.

A life I never dreamed of – Life of Smile

“This is a life, a life I never saw,
A life with feelings,
with the true senses and no language,
A life that we dream of.

They told me to buy everything,
Everything I can buy,
A comfortable house, vehicle and the resources,
Resources to live a comfortable life.


But, I guess, they forgot to tell me,
That I don’t need all these stuffs,
To be happy and satisfied,
To do whatever my heart says.

That’s okay though,
Because, today, I know an important thing,
Important thing about life,
Follow your heart and love your soul.”

PS: You have always done and followed the other’s words or footsteps. Now, it’s time to follow your heart and do whatever you want to do. Maybe, you will collapse during the journey. However, that’s fine, because you can stand and walk again.

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