Merry Christmas – Warm Wishes from Santa Claus

It’s Christmas #2k16 and I wish all the people who were waiting for this day “Merry Christmas”. I truly believe that 80% of the people were waiting for this day because they wanted to live this day as a dream day. Dream day as they don’t get time to live in their own dreams.

On this auspicious day, I simply want to share a beautiful message I came across during the journey of my life. It is a feeling of people who shared their life’s experiences with me. Let’s explore the feelings and the message from these feelings.



Why don’t we live our whole life as a dream?

I have seen a common perspective of people. This perspective helps them in living happy and carefree life. This common perspective is a dream.

Here is the day, Christmas Day,
It is a day when people cannot order me.

No one can instruct me for work,
It is my day, because I can do whatever I want to do.

I will sleep the whole day, because I want to sleep,
I will enjoy the day, as it’s been long since I enjoyed,
I will do crazy stuff, as I don’t care anymore,
I don’t care about the people, who judge me.

It is a dream day and I will fulfill all my dreams,
I will smile and would like to live this day as it is my last day.

I will give lots of gifts to myself,
I will be my own Santa Claus,
I will wish myself a Merry Christmas.

Be your own Santa Claus on this Christmas

I still remember my childhood days, when I used to wait for Santa Claus. That feeling was very sensitive and delightful. Parents or my elder ones used to keep gifts for me and they used to say that Santa came and left all the gifts for me. I loved those moments and I still love them.

Now, I’m grown up and I love giving gifts and surprises to people. It helps me in being happy and joyful. All these came from my own heart. I realized that this world is a dream in itself, when, I gifted happiness to my own life. And, gifting happiness to your inner beauty is like gifting happiness to the outer world. Everything around seems very beautiful and adorable.



Do comment if you still waiting for Santa Claus.

PS: Celebrate every single day as Christmas Day, because the meaning of Christmas is giving surprises and love to the self and the world.

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