Why Self-realization Matters To Me?

Self-realization, I never knew what it is and why it is important for me. I was trapped in a cage. It was a cage because I was not free. I was unable to fly and was unable to move from one emotion to another one. Everything was there in front of my eyes. It was happening right in front of me. The amazing thing about self-realization was, “It was always there, but I did not notice it.” Why I was incapable to see it? That was the question.


Artist: Yamini

I was busy in spotting other things, but later, self-realization helped me out

As I said, I was trapped in a cage, I was merely seeing the bars. It was enclosed and there was a wall and one side was covered with bars. The door was locked and limited sources were visible to me. Initially, I was weak. I was not able to move from that weakness. Later, I got comfortable on the site. That was the moment when I realized my true potential. My true potential was a thought. A thought that ticked in my mind. It gave me an energy and this energy helped me in stepping out of that cage.


Artist: Yamini

The moment when self-realization became an important part of my life

Self-realization is not only a thought for me. It is more than that. It is door to know my true strength. It is a hammer that helps me in breaking my ego and my negative energy. It is a scraper that removes the dirt from my soul. Likewise, self-realization can also help you in overcoming from your anxiety and fears.

My feelings when I was in the scene

** I was ordinary for people out there,

But, was broken from inside.

I was a party person for them,

Yet, I have been lonely with my emotions.

I was there for people,

Because I was alone.

I was smiling in every function,

Because I was crying earlier.

I was happy all the time,

Because I got tired of being sad. **


Artist: Yamini

PS: Everything is a part of life, then why we are afraid of accepting our downfalls? Why sadness is not accepted the way happiness is?

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