Body Language – A Door to Your Soul?

Our body language says a lot about us. The gesture, facial expressions and the movements of the body, they all are nonverbal forms of communication. That is why we believe that body language is also an important aspect to make an impression on someone. Psychology believes that, 80% of communication takes place with the help of the senses. These senses are a great way to interchange the feelings of each other. The communication through body language also passes through these senses. Let’s take an example of a dog and a man who share the emotions and feelings with each other without any language. The way they use is senses. They match their senses to convey their feelings. That is why they share the relation of honesty and loyalty for each other.

Body Language

Do You Control Your Body?

The controlled language always harms us and others around us. Similarly, control over the language of our body is also non-favorable for us. Let’s say, you want to confess something from your heart. While making that confession, you speak in different forms. One form is your body language and another one is your language that you speak. If both are not delivering the same thing with true feelings than it is really tough to decide what action of yours is true. Consequently, we always try to make people understand that controlling is harmful for a long as well as short period of time. Also, if you are sharing good relationship with someone than try to avoid the same.

Don’t use any other language, instead use your Body Language

Body language is a language of the senses. A language that is very strong and genuine. One can use it anywhere, no matter if a person is making a proposal or making a confession or asking for a direction. If you know how to use it appropriately, then you can talk to any person or to an animal. It is the actual strength of this language. Recall the time when you talk to your dog. **Because I’m really unable to use the language now 😉 **

Body Language

PS: If you can feel my senses than you can also feel my emotions.  


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