I’m a Kid and I Never Tell What I Feel

A kid never shares his or her emotions or feelings. He/she just believes in one thing, i.e. living in the present moment. This happens because they do not know about the past, present and future. How their past is affecting them, how their present will guide them to make their future. Everything is out of their sight.


As a Kid, I enjoyed every moment

I was a cute kid and I used to perform all the mischievous activities. I never listened to my parents or my elders. Because I was very busy in doing what I wanted to do. I did not have any fear in my heart and mind. I never cared what people would say to me or how people will be reacting to my activities. Almost every other person tried to stop me. But I did not care about it. I simply enjoyed everything.

My curiosity led me to the different level. It helped me to fight with my fear and anxiety. My mind got opened and I did what people never did in their life. May be they were afraid and they were not holding much guts. Yet, if I see myself, then I can clearly see that I do not have any regrets till date. And the reason for the same is that I never stopped myself and did whatever I wanted to do.

Everything is mine, and I hold the Moments

“One day I woke up early and saw the sun
It was too beautiful and I was astonished.
Then another day, I saw the clouds
I wanted to sleep under them.
Later, I saw the moon and stars
Their sparkles amazed me too much and
I wished to live here forever.
Today this world is heaven for me
And I just want to see the magnificent beauty in everything.”


PS: It is 14th November and I wish everyone a very Happy Children’s Day. I’m wishing everyone, because we all are kid’s and deserve this wish. Never stop performing your childlike activities that still exist in you.

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