Unexpressed Feelings of a Person

Feelings Packed with unexpressed thoughts. That is what it is all about. It is not a poetry nor an article. It is a feeling that is still unexpressed and felt by almost everyone.


Baddi Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Just Trying to Express the Feelings

I saw it and I conquered it,
I’ve conquered the same just to hold it for long,
But everything is gone,
Gone for a very long period of time,
Or maybe for forever.

Sitting at one place and thinking,
May be trying to defend myself,
From this unbearable pain,
The thoughts are countless,
But the feeling is same.

Searching for the Truth

Nothing is clear and visible,
Nothing is making any sense,
But silently I’m growing,
Because the truth has not been explored yet.

One day I’ll be grown-up,
Not because I will be old,
But I’ll be able to see,
See everything clearly with sharp vision.

Solving the Puzzle

Our life is like ‘Rubik Cube Puzzle.’ We get it solved. However, we make it confused and puzzled. Yet, people with sharp mind and vision, solve it. And, they are the people who achieve their goals of life.
“Everything exists there,
We just need to explore it”

“Life is what we make it,
It is good, if we make it good,
It is easy, if we make it easy,
It is tough, if we make it tough,
But it is not hard, because we make it hard.”


Baddi Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan

PS: Nothing is easy, yet people make it easy. Life for people was easy without technology too. Because people were living it happily. Today, we all are focusing on the comfortability. We want a comfortable life with comfortable feelings. Yet, we have not understood one thing, i.e. “Without discomfort, we cannot have the actual experiences of life.” As, when we will know what discomfort is, then only we will be able to know what comfort is.

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