Searching for LOVE? Don’t Search for it, explore it!

Hello Friends,
Warm wishes and my love to all.. I’m publishing another write-up that is focusing upon love itself.


What is LOVE?

The word with four letters which implies LOOK OVER and VISUALIZE it to ENLIGHTEN the same. That is what it is for me and may be, for every individual out there. But, they are not ready to enlighten it and to accept it.

If you say, you know what love is then ask yourself, “Do you feel the presence of love at all the places you have been to?” If your answer is yes, then you genuinely and truly know, what love is. Secondly, if you are unable to answer the question, then you need to widen your vision and your thoughts, because you can find it at the dirtiest place too. Lastly, if your answer is no, then you do not have to search for it anywhere, because it is within you only. And when you find love inside your heart and mind, then only you can find the same at other places.
Love is everywhere,
It is in the air,
It is in your feelings,
It is in your vision,
It is in thoughts,
it is in front of you,
It is in you.

Love is YOU

Love is when you find your better half. We all exist in this beautiful world, because we are completely filled. We are filled with the love. We only know our self as half. When we say, “Our true self, then it is completely filled (we added true with self).” Now, we are completely filled, but we know our self as half. That is why we search for our better half. In this process, instead of searching our better half in our self, we search our half self in another person. That is the time, when we say that I found my better half. Imagine a situation, where you start searching your better half in yourself. You will fall in love with yourself. And consequently, you can love everything and everyone around you.

“You (Me) are my world, cauz you (Me) are there! there to hold me
My love is for you (me), cauz I’m enlightened! enlightened to see it clearly

PS: Love is you and me
It is here and everywhere,
It simply exists, it keeps on going,
I saw it and found it, cauz I felt it.

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