Do You Know about REASONS?


Reasons – Whenever we feel good about anything, we search for a reason. Our thoughts jump from one place to another. This happens, because we simply want to know the actual reason of the happiness we feel.

“I woke up early in the morning. I went for a walk plus was feeling happy and relaxed.” A thought flew in my mind and that was, “Why I’m feeling happy since morning?” “I was trying to find a reason. During the process of finding the reason, I felt stressed. Doing so, led me to a different path. I started feeling jittery and anxious.”


Why finding a reason is not good for mental health?

From the above routine of life, I came to know about the value of not finding the reasons. For me, living a life became easier than earlier. The reasons always offer us happiness. However, we need to understand the value of reasons in life. And the value of reasons is, “they should not be explored, because they are not meant to discover.”
“Do not search for me (reason),
I (reason) will only hurt you and will break you into pieces.
I will make you happy and will offer you peace,
But for that, you need to stop your hunt.”

No Reasons, but Still I’m Happy

“I’m here, in a surrounding where I can find anything
I can buy anything I need,
Yet, I’m not happy.”

One day, the reason appeared in front of me,
He said, “What you want to know?”
I replied, “I want to know why I worked so hard to earn all these stuffs.”
The reason smiled and said, “Because you never wanted your happy life and instead you always wanted me.”

The reason disappeared and never came back into my life. That was the day when I left my sadness behind and I moved ahead in my life. I do not have any reason to live this beautiful life, but still I’m happy.

PS: Happiness does not need a reason. It is a feeling that is felt inside the heart. We find peace, when we feel it.


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