It is not what you see, it is how you think!

Barun Mishra, a guy whom I met during my last trip. He taught me a simple and beautiful lesson of life. For many people out there, he is another poor guy in this world. But, for me, he is one of the richest guys in this world. Because, he has a pure and clean heart. I learnt one thing from him, i.e. “If you truly want to live your life, then start thinking in a good way.” This one thing is enough to live this life as per our own wishes.

what you see

What You See v/s How You Think?

Barun shared some incident of his own life. I will share the summary of those experiences in this write-up. He saw that people are taking the wrong ways to live their life and initially he also did the same. However, he realized that this is not what he need to do in life. He was walking on a wrong path because he saw some people who were walking on the wrong path. So, he also started walking on the same road.

Here, his thoughts helped him to overcome from the same. Thus, he started walking on a different path. He made his own path. He started thinking about everything and later he started living his life happily and with complete freedom. Consequently, “Your life is what you actually think of it, not what you see.”

How to Work as per your Thoughts?

It is really simple to follow your thoughts or your imaginations. When you start doing different and unlimited things in life, you actually find your true self. You get to know about more paths and walkways, where you can actually walk with a smile. There are two simple steps to find your strong side.
First, the level of confidence. Let’s take an example of driving. A person loves driving. Now, if the person’s level of confidence is high while driving. Then he should know that driving is something which makes him/her happy. Similarly, if you like travelling, then think about your confidence level. Do you have enough confidence that you can travel alone? If yes, then go for it and start travelling.
Second, the level of happiness. Smiling is something which do not showcase your happiness. Because, happiness is about being calm and peaceful. When you stay happy, you actually accept your shortcomings and you start improving them. Additionally, you don’t get sad. Thus, your level of happiness is some things which helps you in becoming calmer.

what you see

PS: Your life ends when you see the end, but it never ends if you do not think about the end.

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