Unveiled Secret of Secrets: Know More About Secret

We all have some personal secrets and they always stay with us or sometimes they also reach to our close ones. And, if it is reached in second person then it is not a secret anymore. Thus, we cannot put it in the list of our secrets. In this write-up, I will unveil the secrets of secrets itself.


Secrets actually destroy us from inside

“I buried a secret in my heart. I never told anyone about my loss. It has been almost 4 years since I saw her dying in front of me. And I couldn’t save her.” It was a secret suppress by a person. At present, it is not a secret. The guy lost his mother (his last support), and he shared this with me. He was crying like a kid and his action was very much genuine and obvious. I told this guy, “You kept this secret inside you and it made you weak. You should have talked to your closed ones about this loss of yours, instead of keeping it in heart. Now you have shared your secret and you will feel relaxed and stronger than before. And one day, you won’t hesitate talking about the same.”
After 2 years, when I met this guy, he told me that he is happy and emotionally stronger. He doesn’t feel like crying whenever he talks about the loss. Thus, you should not keep your secrets to yourself. You should talk about them and if possible share them with your loved ones.
We only make a way that destroys our soul and body
An external force can never destroy us.


Getting damaged is good

We all learn from the experiences we have in life. For instance, to feel the pain after getting hurt, one need to get hurt. Thus, it is very much necessary to get hurt, to experience every single thing in life. No matter it is small or big, we just need to experience it. Because everything helps us in being better day by day.

Getting shattered is the secret that is not known by you

We never know about the phase in which we get damaged or shattered. Ultimately, I can say that, it is a secret that we do not know. We can call it a shock, a surprise, a magical moment or anything else. But the common thing that stays is, “it is one of the ultimate gift that is worth remembering and worth learning.”
The people who believe in getting hurt are the people who always go ahead in life. Rest, just disappear in the crowd.


Source: thevoiceofaquietgirl.wordpress.com

PS: The unveiled secret about secrets is very simple. It is just understand the upper layer of secrets, because there is no hidden layer.
“Life is a secret and we are here to unveil the secret of life.” It is a circle which keeps on revolving.

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