Near Death Experience – We experience it daily!

Near death experience. “Do you go alive from this life?” or “Can you come back here without even dying?” A simple question that striped my mind from various thoughts. You know, I’m seriously glad for the same
Well, this write-up is not about what you are thinking. It is not about the death that we see. There is no story of any death here. Because, it is more than that.



It is really amazing to know that, “we all face the near death experience in this beautiful life.” I will share few situations to understand the same. These situations somehow will open the doors of your brain and heart to know the reality that we simply avoid or ignore at times.

The day when we stop living for our dreams

This situation is very common and we all face it. Here, I cannot disclose the time of facing this situation. Because, few people go through this situation at a younger age and some go through the same when they enter in the age group of 30’s. This is, a day, when we start living in other people’s dream. We simply start doing everything for someone else. Someone else includes, our family, our partner, the society and sometimes just to show that we can make a name and fame in the society. This is the time when we face the near death experience. We kill our dreams, the dreams that belong to us. We feel sophisticated, yet we avoid it.
Live for the people who care for you, but do not stop living for yourself

The day when you stop taking the risk in life

It is a situation when you do not take additional risks in your life. We all take risks in our life. Recall the time when you took the first risk in your life. And feel the same feeling that you had experienced just after getting out of the risk. It was proud feeling, I guess. Well, for me it was a proud moment and I was on acme. When we do not take risks, we kill our confidence and we lose the energy, the energy to go up during the life. Consequently, it is another near death experience that we face in life.
Taking risks with safety is not the actual risk

The day when you do not accept the reality


Accepting the reality is a very important factor to live a life with positive thoughts. In my research paper (Quality of Life – Role of Arrogance, Attitude and Acceptance), it was concluded that, “Accepting is about seeing the reality as a given moment.” When we accept the reality, we get engaged in different experiences of life and we enjoy them. Thus, not accepting the reality is also a near death experience, as we do not take an opportunity to learn and experience the joy of life.
Accepting the truth actually opens our mind and heart

PS: Everything is beyond our imagination. We need to observe it well with our efficacy.

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