She – Mother, Sister, Wife & Daughter

This is about the mother who gave me this life, the sister who stood beside me, the friend who stayed with me, the girl who adored me and the girl who respected me. It is dedicated to all those beautiful souls who sacrificed their life for us.



To Her

She cries, she fails, and she inhales

She exhales to dig a little deeper,

But all of that, she hopes for the best!

She strives for comfort,

She heal her injuries!

She is neither good nor bad….

She is complicated…

But still she is tough …!

Do something bad with her,

Then just sit and watch her…!

Don’t mess with her

Or else you gonna get hurt,

She make mistakes,

And then again do the same, because of hope,

That something gonna be fine this time!

She sacrifice almost everything in life,

Because she don’t want to see anyone suffer the way she do…!

She is like this because she knows that getting hurt is much better than nothing at all,

But that doesn’t mean she allow you to hurt her…!

If you approach her, then watch yourself out there,

Because she can live alone

She is fine by living independently…!



PS: This is how a girl, a sister, a mother and a daughter live. This is how they do so much for us.

Do we really do enough for them?

Do we support them in fulfilling their single dream of going out?

Do we ask them what they want to do in their life?

What about the time when you go and ask them for the support?

Have you ever imagined a situation when they won’t support you?

If you think for them then share this and tell them that you too understand and respect the sacrifices they make for you. Let them know about the value they have in our life. And if possible do not forget to do something for them.

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