That Night of Lust Became the Turning Point for Love

At some point of time, we all lust and it is a bitter truth. Lust is basically the point of life when you do not see the person, you just see his/her body. It is a state in which the person have a strong desire to satisfy his/her sexual needs. Well, I don’t think that having lustful desires or lusting for someone is bad. But I’m in favor of your lust till you see the person with soul, heart and mind.

It is a story of a couple who are deeply in love and this is one of the amazing story I ever heard. (It is shared by one of our reader)

Night of Lust: A Turning Point

It was evening, the day was beautiful and romantic. Romantic because it was raining and I decided to go to pub. Yeah that is the place where I saw her. “I want to kiss you and want to hold you so close…” that is the first thought clicked in my mind. “I want to do sensational things with you… all the rolling, tumbling and boisterousness… everything…”


“Hi, its Manan” I approached her. “Arika”, she replied. We had drinks together and luckily we both had the same thing in mind, “lust…” So we went to the hotel where I was staying. “I started kissing her, her magnificent eyes, upturning the dress, glowing cheeks, her twisted hair, the touch of her belly and that fucking moment.” It allowed me to suck her lips and the clutching of hands, my tongue was licking her body… that obscene touch and noises. It was the disgraceful and messy act by our bodies.

Day of Love: Another Turning Point

It was a normal day and the sun was shining. It was another visit in the city where something precious happened with me and later it never ended from my side. I was about to step into the cab and I stopped. The face was very familiar for me. It was a beautiful feeling, a feeling that can’t be expressed. “I will come to you and I will pretend that we are meeting for the first time. I will kiss your neck and I will hold you in my arms”, a random thought came in mind.

“I want to feel that warmth of your body
And the warm breath on my neck
Want to put my hand, down your back… to pull you so gently…
And Wanna whisper in your ears, “Don’t wanna let you go”!”


That’s how I proposed her on the street. She kissed me and whispered, “I don’t even wanna go.”


I still remember the day of lust when we pulled up our clothes and lied under one blanket. And the morning when we were not able to look into each other’s eyes. “Everything was over”, that’s what I thought… we did not even know the time when it started. It was storm which came and never expired. I tried a lot but I never knew that it will get hard for me to forget her. But right now I’m happy and I never want to let her go from my life. Also I can’t forget the night of lust… The night that gave me the love I needed in my life.

PS: Remember, everything you do carries a lot in the moment and you never know what is coming in your way. Be happy and keep enjoying the things you have and don’t worry if you are lusting for someone.

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