Do you have Trust Issues in relationships?

What are the major aspects of trust issues in relationships? We have family, friends and other people around us. They support us and they care for us. But now, things get bumpy when insecurities built their home.  These insecurities develop the feeling of distrust. And here, distrust creates a gap between us and our loved ones.

Trust is your confidence and your belief in someone. For instance, you want to go in a party and your parents are giving you the permission for the same without asking any further questions. In this situation, parents have a strong feeling of trust. They have the confidence that you will be sober in the party. Here, we have another question and i.e. how one develops the feeling of trust for someone? Simple answer for this question is, “a secure attachment or affection with the concerned person develop this feeling.” Varying responses, not delivering the promises you made and not paying attention when needed are few known situations that can create the trust issues in a relationship.

Trust Issues in relationships

Statements by Men with Trust Issues

“- I think we have compatibility issues
– I don’t think my parents would say yes to our relationship 
– I think I’m not good for you
– You will get a better person than me
– I know you don’t trust me
– I think you have a problem with me
– We should take a break”
– More (You can add more statements in the list :P)

Note: Women likewise use the same statements. We all are human beings and at some part we think in the same manner.

How you feel when someone says, “I have trust issues”?

The first thing comes in mind is, “So I’m will be wasting my time with you?” Imagine a situation in which your partner is saying the same thing. In this situation, don’t think and ask the questions you have in your mind. You have the right to know the truth and most importantly, you can’t waste your time with the person who gonna hurt you in the end. And what will be reason of hurting you? A simple statement, “I have trust issues.” Make sure that you have to react according to your inner feeling. Don’t conceal this inner feeling because in the end, it will hurt you like hell.

And what happens when someone says, “I’m not like …. Person”

“So you came from heaven?” You are a human being and your feelings gets fluctuated in every second. Imagine, I did something wrong… let’s say I left my partner… likewise, you too can do that. Our situations may vary but it is always like we are meeting at the same stop. If you will take out ice-cube from freezer, it will melt. Similarly, do remember that everything changes when you go through different circumstances. Then why to complain? Or why to blame your partner? Or why to say, “I’m not like …. Person?”

So you are dealing with Trust Issues?

Don’t worry, because you can still find the right person for you.

A person who can give you everything,
A person with whom you can find yourself,
A person who can fill your heart with love 😉

(Note: If you are facing trust problems then contact us)

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