Don’t let me go to let me go!


The first thought that just smashed your feelings is not the only thought about which I will be writing here. Let me go, let it go, let him/her go and so on are few short phrases that gives a brief or a long description of the life. That amazing moment of your life ends here, and you start a new life. But at the end, you discover a bit interesting part of life. That interesting thing is that life gives you a knock on your door and it drops a letter stating “Don’t let me go and let me go.”

First Part
It’s my first day
The day when I’m watching her
She is just standing there and talking… come back and read it again when you are done with the last stanza

let me go


Second Part
I told her, ‘you are my good friend’
She started liking me
And here I’m without knowing about it
I’m thinking about her only…!

Third Part
In this complicated scenario
We are not accepting that we are falling for each other
Every place I’m visiting seems like heaven
A music is constantly playing in my heart…!

Forth Part
People are playing the beats in my head
They are saying something which is not logical
Because my feelings are making more sense to me…!

She is standing in front of me
She is talking to me
And I fell for her in that same moment…!

I just saw myself into her eyes… my “self”
Her eyes are reflecting the color of my dark life
Her voice is giving shade by covering the dark side of mine
Her smile is wrapping all my emotions…!

let me go


It was the flash into future. This is how we think after getting an experience of love in life. And we only do one thing i.e. we just let him/her go. We don’t see that both of us from inside says, “Don’t let me go to let me go.” The best thing we can do in this situation is that we can hold the moment. So that we can say, “we never want to let go.”


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