Why would I want my Son to live with me?


This write up is expressing the thoughts of a father who is eagerly waiting for his son. Although he doesn’t want his son to live with him, but still he is waiting for him…! It is about the unexpressed feelings of a father which is well-known to his son…!


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My Son

It is a day to leave you

It is a day when I want you to speak

It is a day when I want you to hug me

It is day when I want you to say “Don’t leave me”…!


Everything is falling apart

I thought I’m strong

But today my strength is fluctuating

It is my weakness that is making stronger roots…!


Time is fleeting

I’m feeling like I’m short of time

I need your hand to hold me up again

“I need you my son” to stand once again…!


But let me squeeze my thoughts

Why would I want you to live with me?

You are doing fine there

You are growing up…. Rising up as a mature person…!


If I will call you

You will get apart from your dreams

And I don’t wanna break your dreams

I don’t want you to go back… back to your childhood days…!


I know you will come…

I just need to call you and I just need to ask you to come…

And you will certainly come back to home

But I’m your father… and I know how it feels when you don’t accomplish your dreams…!


I understand what you going through…

I know, you want to come to me…

I know it is tough for you to work there…

But I want you to show me that you are my son… and you will attain what you wish for…!


Source: fatherandsonday.com

Indeed, don’t stop and don’t get broken…

If you get broken, then heal that broken part with my emotions…

Because they are too strong…

And promise me you will reach to the peak… Peak where I will meet you and will hug you…!



Yours Loving Father!


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