Best Thing About Worse Situations of Life



This is about the time when we say, “Why me?”, “It is always me and only me”, “Why life is not fair to me?”, “I think God is not done with me”

Happened with you too?? If you are thinking then you are counting… For sure you are counting all your worse situations of life

See, we all are facing similar situations (bad situations with different circumstances). The bad phases of life are not always bad. This can be understand by seeing the people who have achieved something which is not even possible to accomplish. And I don’t think you all need any examples to prove this statement of mine. The best thing about bad situations is that they can’t take anything from us. It’s like, we can’t make lemon from lemonade

Here, take a look upon the 2 common bad phases of people.

Loss of parents/loss of loved ones: This situations can take place at any point of time. I had lost my lucky pen when I was giving my tenth board exams. And later I secured only 45 %age. Apart from joke I know how it feels like when an explosion takes place in life. Losing the person you love is the worst thing that can happen.

Accident/tragic event: Accidents are also a bad phase, but if we get emotional support then we can heal our wounds. To heal the wounds, one need a healing response from the surrounding in which he/she is living. We cannot change a situation which already happened. But, we can change our future by handling the present.

If you have seen or experienced tough times and you are still living, then you should observe one thing. You will notice that you are more mature and grown up. You will see that people of your age are not capable enough to face the situations you have faced. And that is the best thing about worse situations of life. They help you in being the person you are.

A real life example:

Gurgaon’s Chhole-kulche Aunty
Today, people in Gurgaon’s sector 14 market known her as “Chhole-kulche wali aunty.” Urvashi quit her job and started her chhole-kulche stall. Her husband was left bed-ridden after a road accident and her father-in-law passed away and family was facing financial problems. Although Urvashi always wanted to open a restaurant in city but she never took any step for the same. But here she is, the situations and circumstances of life helped her in fulfilling the dream. She says, “The more challenges I face, the more I will rise. This is just a beginning.”



Finally, I don’t think you are still trying to find any excuses or you need more examples. So, Why don’t you make an example by doing something remarkable???

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