How Motorcycle-Ambulances is Saving Lives?

Some people don’t wait to get more resources, they just know how to use the available resources to save the lives of people. And this happens when you start seeing the beauty of the available resources and when you simply start thinking out of the box.

It is the real story from the small village Narayanpur, district of Bastar division in Chhattisgarh. Here, in this modern era also, people are not able to make it to the hospital on time. But, the local people of Bastar, who are using two wheelers as an ambulance are making this happen by helping people to reach on time. Almost 200 lives of pregnant women are saved till now. This simple yet amazing work resulted in seeing the drop in the maternal and infant mortality rate.



Last year, with the complete support of UNICEF in association with an NGO (Saathi Samaj Sevi Sanstha) and the Health Department of state government of Chhattisgarh, this motorcycle-ambulance project was introduced. The step was taken by Health Specialist, Ajay Trakroo and pregnant women was major focus to provide the needed health care. This work does not ends here as the concerned authorities are planning to bring 10 more motorcycle ambulances in next few months. For the same, the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Raipur is working to improve the design of the two wheeler ambulance.



This is only one story from a small part which is not getting the 50% of our resources which we are using today. If the people from these small areas can work hard and make something happen in reality with less resources then just think, what changes we can make in our society by just taking a simple step.

I don’t know what they have,

I just know what I have,

I don’t know what they do,

I just know what I’m supposed to do,

So, why to wait for them to take a step,

I will take a step and will make change!

I will stand and I’ll act… act to speak not using words but by using my actions

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