Practical Love with Love!


Love is being in the state of genuine inconvenience. When the moment is inconvenient, one can feel the warm breathe, flowing in the air and the sparkles in the eyes of the person! This state is inconvenient, because the moment is inappropriate for both the individuals.

My eyes got stuck…

I saw a sparkle in her eyes…

Silence passed through me…

Heartbeats skipped for a moment…

A blow of the air was busted…

And I lost myself …. To meet my true self…!

“Every stimuli which is existing in the surrounding passes the feeling and this is an awkward feeling, which can’t be expressed by the concerned person.”

When the person goes through the above mentioned feeling, he or she is in the state where the feeling of true love is too strong. This beautiful and ecstasy state is unconditional emotion which is directly linked with the feeling of true love. It is the same feeling which ultimately causes inconvenience. But, later the same feeling gets disrupted because of one thing and i.e. practicality. Now, the emotional emptiness, later gets filled with this practical happenings. That’s why people say that unconditional love is real love.

When you start loving someone with practical emotions, then you don’t feel happy, you don’t feel your heart. You just can’t be the real person you are. You can’t be complete when you think of loving someone on the nod of practicality. Ultimately, when you start loving someone practically, then either you can make peace with the relationship you share with the person or you just let the person go and find someone who can make you feel loved. Who can make you feel loved genuinely not practically


Courtesy: Yug

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  1. Nandita chaube July 24, 2016

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