Adolescence: A Transitional Stage of Life


“I turned 13 today, it is the beginning of many new things in my life (I didn’t knew that)”. It is the in-between state of adult and child.

During this state, I try really hard to imitate with society and I look for the origin, origin of my roots. These roots basically signify my true budding. I’m trapped into the feeling of depression, shyness and fear. The emotional state is not consistent, as I’m experiencing the sad and happy feeling at one go. Every damn thing is getting fluctuated, my body, my relationships with people and my feelings. I’m feeling confident but still, I’m insecure and it is the flash of contradictions… contradictions between lots of indescribable things.

The universe is prejudicial and very much perverted, it is a conspiracy formed by people who are from ancient period. And surprisingly, I realized one thing and i.e. people are not letting me grow.

“No one understands me”, that’s what I feel. But that is not true.

It is the age where people want you to learn lot of things. If someone discourage you, then show them how to be encouraged by the things you do. Don’t search for the hand… a helping hand of support and love, because you have the skills and capabilities to learn from your personal experiences. Get inspired by the energy which builds a home inside your soul. The energy is like a fire and this fire should be burned slowly and steadily. This process should be tagged as the process of exploration of self. Now you are grown up and you are supposed to face the difficulties. As, if you want to be the best at something then you need to fall and this period is your falling period. After the stage gonna passed out, you would be laughing and having fun. This phase of teenage is the crucial stage where you gonna understand the difference between sadness and happiness, love and hate, attitude and ego, genuine and fake and so on. This phase is a challenge for you, and you are supposed to handle it with care. Trust me, this age and this period of your life is worth living and live it the way you want to live, because your loved ones would definitely gonna support you no matter what.


Courtesy: Yug

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