IMG_20160710_002636593Care; a word that presents the articulate emotions. These emotions can’t be expressed in words, because your actions speaks a lot more than your words during the state of care. In our daily lives, caring or being cared puts a smile… smile on face of others’ and on your face. It reflects your beliefs… beliefs of your own feelings. When you care, you live a life of affection and love for self and for the people around you.

We live a selfish life and we just focus on our life and we develop many desires on the way. For instance, people who love us or the people who are important in our lives never get time from us… a well spend time. And we being selfish, live our life by not even thinking about them and not about their feelings too. When you care…; you listen…; you notice and you help. Interestingly, you also don’t think about something in return of care.

Few basic and interesting things about care:

  • Caring people get familiar with what others are feeling. *They can easily notice when someone is feeling low and when someone is upset*
  • When you care for yourself, you automatically start caring for the people around you.
  • When you care for the things, you undoubtedly talk to the people about anything. *anything means anything*
  • If you don’t care for people, people also don’t care for you.
  • Caring people always tend to have a positive outlook on situations, whether it a good situation or a bad one.
  • When you care, you appreciate and you also tell people about their short comings.
  • You also pay attention, when you care.
  • If you care, you respect.

To sum up, care is something which should be done properly or else don’t even think about care, because either you care or you never do care. It is something like your feelings only and i.e. either you feel or you never feel anything. Therefore, don’t talk about care, do care. You know? While caring, your actions speaks not your words


Courtesy: Yug

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