Searching for Answers’

There were two kids and both were around 4-5 years old. Both were very curious.., curious to explore everything. But the society always wanted to kill their dreams, their curiosity. And thanks to the parents of one kid, as the parents of that kid also washed their hands in killing his/her dreams. Interestingly, parents of another kid, they supported their child in accomplishing the dreams of their kid. They never said, “It is not possible” to the kid. And that kid is doing really well in his/her life. However, at the same time, the first kid whose dreams are killed by the society and by his/her parents too, is still struggling to fulfill his/her desire of achieving the goals of life.

Best thing is that we all talk about the kids only, no matter who is playing a key role in his/her life. Every kid in the world wants to touch the sky, want to fly in the air, and wants to breathe in a safe and secure environment. So far, the parents who plays a primary role in the success of their kid are least bothered about their kid. They always thinks that they are doing everything for the kid and at the same time, they forgot that they are killing the important part of their kids’ life. The part which is really important for the child in exploration of this world.., this beautiful world.

Now, I’m searching for the answers.., not for the answer of one questions but answer of many questions. Why you killed my innocence… innocence of my curious behavior? Why you supported this society instead of me… instead of supporting your own blood? Why you created this difference between me and other kid? Why you never took my side? Why you never stood beside me? Why you never hold my hand?


Courtesy: Yug

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