Anger: A Healthy Emotion

Few years back, I was travelling to Delhi from Jaipur. A girl was shouting at one of the peddler in the train. I started talking to this girl after this same incident. And we shared our personal views on lots of things. Later, after two years, coincidentally, I met the same girl in Delhi at one of the metro station (Don’t remember the name of the station). I was really surprised while talking to her, the girl whom I met before two years was carrying a huge load of aggressive behavior with her. But at present, she was looking very calm with soft communication skill. Her voice was very much pleasing and lovely. I got curious and wanted to know how she did that, how she is so calm now and how she detached herself from that aggressive behavior. She told me that the anger is still there, she is carrying that with her only. But the most important thing is that now she knows how to control that anger and where to put that anger and what ways. Practically, she is managing that anger in various forms. She made lots of dimensions of anger and using these dimensions at different platforms. For instance, when she want to achieve a new target or any goal in her life, she use her aggressive behavior on putting all the efforts. When she gets frustrate with the things, she just take it out while doing workout. And this is how she is managing it in a better way.

Anger is very normal emotion of a person and usually it is a healthy form of emotion. But it should be controlled to stay out from the problems. The gap between the desire of a person and the availability of resources to fulfill that desire creates the anger emotion. Since infant we perceive that a person with emotion of anger gets all the desirable things in life and in reality that is not true. In reality the person who manage this healthy emotion actually earn a lot in his/her life. Therefore, to become a calm and pleasing personality learn to fill the gap between the desire and the availability of resources with the healthy anger emotion instead of anger itself.


Courtesy: Yug

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