A Beautiful Reward

For people, reward is the incentive one receives in return of doing something. For instance, you work hard at your workplace to get extra pay. This action of yours is associated in getting rewards. You are working hard not because you feel like working by putting all your efforts but to get reward. Basically, rewards refers to your action where you don’t expect anything in return. If you do what you like to do, you put all your efforts and later get rewarded with incentives like appreciation, promotion, extra pay or anything. Now, here you are not expecting as you are doing what you really feel like doing, there is no expectation, no influencing power. This action of yours is more than getting rewards, here you get all the rewards which are long lasting and the action which are almost remembered by everyone out there.

To attain the intellectuality and freedom from all the materialistic things one is supposed to look beyond everything. The critical thing about reward is expecting nothing in return. When you help someone, help the person without expecting anything. Before few days back, I met a guy at metro station. He came to me and said, “I have lost my wallet and I need 80 bucks to reach airport.” He was going to receive someone from airport. I gave him 100 bucks. He took my number and said he will transfer the money later. Here, instead of giving my number to that guy I must have taken his number but I didn’t. One day when I was thinking about the incident I realized that I helped that guy because I was not expecting any help from him (not expecting that 100 bucks too).

The reward here was to reach out to the feeling of compassion and gratification. I believe that nothing is more pleasurable that reaching out to compassion. Therefore, you receive rewards when you don’t expect and act unselfishly.

Courtesy: Yug

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