Peace is a state where a person entirely feels free from the repressive and hostile emotions. Every individual is somehow searching for the same state of peace. Fundamentally, peace conceals the two major facets, i.e. Inner Peace and Outer Peace. Inner peace is a state where you sense reconciliation from inside, whereas Outside peace is a state where you sense reconciliation by helping someone or by visiting some outer place where you cease your unsatisfactory desires. Both the facets walk parallel with each other, which shows the strong connection between the two. Initially, one should carry both the facets as one facet alone won’t be enough for peace.

The undesirable things people own is creating a wall between them in achieving the inner peace. Leaving all the materialistic things you possess helps you in achieving the inner peace. It may include various activities such as leaving the undesirable things, sacrificing the love, leaving the society where you get everything, etc. On the other hand, outer peace is about helping someone else and providing support to people during their bad phase. Leaving your ego and selfish attitude aside helps you in achieving the outer peace. It may include activities like helping, supporting, giving love to people, sharing equal respect to all, etc.

Essentially, while achieving the inner peace you heal your own wounds and while achieving the outer peace you heal others’ wound. In the end, to achieve the state of peace relieve yourself and others from the suffering.

Courtesy: Yug

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