Buried side of Love

Love… love is, when you look into the eyes of other people and you see your own soul looking at you. Love is not about the fear, it is not about the need. Love is not the feeling where you expect to fill the emptiness inside you and making you feel safe and protected by your partner. Love is about the freedom, it is about letting go, where you don’t control or hold your partner. Love is not about sharing the physical relation, it is about the strong and unbreakable connection between two souls. Love is the deepest layer of your body, where you enrich the qualities of your heart and your soul and you don’t have to stay together to enrich the qualities. To understand and feel love you are supposed to love your own beauty and your own essence. People say they are emotionally attached with their partner. I want to tell them that emotional attachment develops a desire within you to get love. This desire kills your value, your beauty and your essence, then how you can love your partner?

Some long distance relationships share the best connection and the reason is that love never measures the distance between two souls. The long distance gives the space and freedom to nurture, to explore and to enrich your soul which ultimately helps you in sharing the best relationship of love.

Best thing about love is, it doesn’t require any push, any efforts or any sacrifices because love is about finding and knowing the inner beauty of soul. It is the eternal feeling which never changes.


Courtesy: Yug

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