Few Best Unveiled Things of Life…!

People don’t hate you… every human being loves you and thinks well for you… hate feelings comes from outside… when people give you hate you too start giving the same to other people

That was the first reason to hate people… another reason is that someone want to be like you and you are just making a wall between him/her and you…! don’t do that … don’t help in enriching the hate feeling


Move on to next, I would like to talk about smile…. Do you know the cost of a smile??? Well it’s free of cost… no one ask for money or for your life when you smile…. and if someone give you money then don’t say no…. just take it 😛

Smile has a wonderful power of spreading happiness on someone’s face… and I hope you all carry this ultimate power with you… J

Next best thing is that… every single day there are at least 5 people who thinks about you … that thought of theirs shows that they care for you… and they love you… then why people say that they are alone??? Whoever say that from now just ask them who don’t think about them??


Next thing is that whenever you make mistakes in life…. something worthy originates from it… so why to get scared from things??? What is stopping you from making mistakes?? You don’t want to learn new and good things in life??? If not then don’t make mistakes and try to be perfect…. for the people who say yes… be ready to make mistakes in life

Remember that when people turn their back on you… you too (after moving on from there) is turning your back on the people…. just take a look out there… it happens


Next thing is about expressing your feelings to the concerned person…. Just express your feelings by not expecting the same in return… you will be feeling a lot better when the person would know about the feelings….! don’t expect because you won’t be feeling better if you would be expecting anything

Just tell your friends about the value and importance they have in your life…. it transfers the positive energy in the relations…


Last thing is about being special… before being special for someone else… be a special person for yourself only…. Ask yourself in the morning, “Am I a special and unique person?” the answer of this question would tell you about the hard work you are supposed to do in your own life…


Personal advice: please friends remove the dirt from your soul… remove all the layers of the dirt… and transform yourself with the positive energy…!


Courtesy: Yug

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