Sex Education: Role of Parents

Do you know that even infant understand about all the functions of body and genitals? I don’t know why as a parent people wait for the right time to educate their child about sex. A child since birth get curious as they deliberately wants to know about their bodily functions. As a parent it is your responsibility to tell them the correct and true names of the body parts and their use. I have seen that sometimes parents use nicknames to mention the genitals. Don’t do that as it passes a wrong message to the kid. That message also affects the personality of a kid. Using the correct name ensure the kid of not being shame and helps in accepting the body.

Don’t be negative about the bodily functions in front of the child as it is a natural part of life about which you and child should not be ashamed of. It includes the moment of changing the diaper. That negativity might be taken as the negative form and child might think that it is not acceptable in society and he/she might not be able to convey the same to the coming generation. For a child, self-exploration and curiosity is very much normal. Therefore, don’t scold the child when they try to explore their genitals.

Child also notices the difference between men and women, which creates confusion and they search for the answers for their confusion. Here, parents’ role is to explain the child that touching their private parts (i.e. the penis or the vulva) should only happen in private and no one else should touch their private parts. Let the child know about the good touch (feels okay) and bad touch (don’t want to be touched). This might help the child in knowing the importance of their genitals.

Later also, make sure that you talk to your child about the man’s and woman’s body. Discuss and explain about the masturbation and orgasm. You can simply say that it’s a pleasurable feeling that come from your penis or vulva being touched. Let the child know that this exploration of genitals is normal and okay and it is a safe way to relief their sexual thoughts and mental state. Also make sure that you too ask them what they about it. And do correct them if they carries any wrong or false thought about it. Don’t make any judgement while talking about it. Also tell them about the risks and about sexually transmitted diseases.

Lastly, tell them that sexual pleasure should go both ways. Sex is not about hurting, taking or using, it is about giving and receiving pleasure in both physical and emotional manner. Remind them that respect is the key to a happy and fulfilling sex life, so that they never hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

Courtesy: Yug

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