Love and Sex

Modern world they say… what does it mean? A place where people are not allowed to share the emotional and caring behavior with each other, where one cannot expect equal respect from the opposite sex or from your partner. Is it how you define this modern world? Being modern is not the concern, but being modern in a true and positive manner should be considered. Modern refers to the surrounding which reflects your thoughts, your value for people, your respect to people, and your dynamic traits which you display. Make sure that you are welcoming the feedbacks and the actions of all the living beings, as that is the state where you becoming a modern person.

The hot topic for this modern world is love and sex. Both are different but somewhere interconnected. We cannot expect a Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu or any Romeo-Juliet love story in today’s time, as the era is not the same as it was before. Many years back people were very passionate with their thought to prove their love, they never used to think about anything else in front of their love. People used to express their love by sacrificing everything even their loved ones. They never put their thoughts on something else except the love. And today the love doesn’t complemented by any sacrifice. Most of the individuals’ just emphases on the physical relation with opposite sex partner i.e. sex. People don’t understand that sex is more than intercourse, it is both physical and emotional and may include lot of things like being honest with partner, sharing of equal respect to each other, holding hands, and thinking about each other’s safety and so on. It is the experience of pleasure and well-being. But most of all, before engaging yourself in this pleasurable activity you should think of few things like: sex does not include the harm of anyone physically or emotionally, respect the person before appealing to the sex activity and sexual activity should be done with the consent.

Love and Sex in Relationships

In relationships, people are not ready to sacrifice anything and later they start hurting their partner, some of them betray their partner, and some of them start harming themselves or the partner. Since we have discussed about love and sex, it has been cleared above that whether you are engaged in love and sex, you should not harm someone else in fulfilling your own wishes. Don’t play with the feelings and emotions of people because you are harming them in both ways physically and emotionally. Consequently, please understand about love and sex very clearly, before engaging yourself in these pleasurable and well-being experiences.


Courtesy: Yug

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