I have read many stories, the stories with happy ending and with some abrupt ending too. Happy endings might end the stories, but they cannot help us in exploration of self and life. To explore the life, the stories with abrupt ending can play a dynamic role as they help us in discovering the beauty of life and to light up the inner wisdom within us. The exploration assist in transforming the reality and the outcomes from reality.

The possessions we experience and the situations we face are later adapted into stories. But practically there is no story. Because the story always carries the end and the endings are formed by us, by humans. The real story which is based on logical expressions and practicality never ends. The practical stories keeps on shifting from one point to another, they can never be constant or ceased. The shifting happens for the reason that every being is learning a lot of things in one go, in one life. Since, we are experiencing so much in one life then how we can say that stories are meant to end?

Now all the stuffs carries a gap within them. This gap is formed by us in various forms and forms can be of countless dimensions or varieties. The gap of stories is between the experiences and the outcomes, which is later fulfilled by interpretation. To summarize the story, every human being does the interpretation. The fulfillment of the gap by interpretation plays a significant role here, as it is all about how you interpret and what you interpret. This interpretation later helps in leading the next step of life. It helps in exploring the additional part of your life and in improving your thought process, your ability to perceive, your intellectuality and so on.

The happy endings might lead you in becoming a lazy person whereas abrupt endings would make you a curious person who believes in the exploration of the beauty of available resources. The abrupt endings might seem as the path to the exploration and transformation of self.


Courtesy: Yug

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