The Endings!

Why we hurt ourselves??? If things are meant to be end after reaching at some point…. Then why you get hurt??? For instance, if these moment of enjoyment with my friends would be ending after few hours then why should I get upset by thinking about it? Every moment, every second, everything you do… all are meant to end… sometimes the ending takes a long time and sometimes it takes a few minutes or may be few seconds too.

I have seen that people get stuck when they lose their close one… it might have been anyone, their parents, their friends, their partners or may be someone else… and that losing can happen at any time… then why you can’t you prepare yourself or make yourself strong to handle the situation or to face that situation.

It is really interesting that

Hello ends with goodbye…. the bye is good that is why people say goodbye instead of saying bye…

Thinking about good memories makes you cry… khushi ka pal jo baadme yaad kiya jaaye wo bhi aanshu hi deta hai

How can someone forgive if they can’t forget??? jab bhuloge tabhi to maaf karoge

People leave you when you’re feeling low… may be because they want you to face it and they want you to become strong

And lastly… the right things and the true things are always the hardest and the toughest things you ever would be doing in your life…..because to come out from the cocoon, you need lot of strength. if you want to be a butterfly then you are supposed to work on yourself… because cocoon is yours only…. No one else is actually gonna break it for you

Therefore always take it in this, “things gonna end someday because you would be surrounded by new things and new life…!”


Courtesy: Yug

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