Hatred among Siblings!

What is hatred??? Strong aversion; intense dislike… hateful regard… an affection of the mind awakened by something regarded as unpleasant, harmful or evil… that is how dictionary defines this word. well I won’t change the meaning of hatred I want to know why this feeling of dislike develops in beings. After going through various sources and after knowing from people of different background, I found that these feeling is developed by us only. We are the creator of this strong and despicable regard.

I’m really concerned about this hatred feeling, but only in regards with siblings. I have seen that we dislike our brother and sister at some point. That level of hateful regard may not be the same for all but it exists in every sphere. The direct statement is, “Parents at home mainly creates this hatred gap between siblings.” It starts when parents don’t share their equal feeling of love and care with their child. The discrimination between boy and girl starts from their only. Now the feelings shared by parents should be equal for their children’s not because they can stop this expansion of discrimination among kids but because they are also helping in developing the true hatred feelings for their own brother or sister… which later bury the feeling of humanity among these kids.

The balancing of all the things is really plays a vital role in development of a good human being and I hope everyone should be concerned for the same. You know we are the first and foremost guide for our child … and the child always learn from his/her parents and then apply this learning on parents itself. Now it’s up to you how you want to raise your child. Hope you don’t want a hateful feeling from your child 😉


Courtesy: Yug

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