Happy International Women’s Day!

She is a princess when she is small… she is a doll for her parents… she is the support to her brother and sister… later she supports her mother… she never ask for anything from anyone since birth… but she expects a caring and a kind heart who can make her feel like an angel… she do all the hard work just to make her parents feel proud… but she never complains about what she is facing and struggling from….!

She cries in a silence… but she never say a word… she hopes for the best when the situations are worse…. Because she always see the light which reflects in the dark… she carries a strong heart… a heart no one can hurt or break… she makes mistakes not because she don’t understand the life.. It is because she always hope for something better than before… she is sacrificing almost everything in life as she don’t want to see anyone suffer the way she do…

She is striving for the comfort zone… a place where she can feel safe and where she can fulfill all her wishes… she is searching for a person who can heal her wounds and injuries… who can pamper her heart… who can love her like anything…

She need a person who can live for her not a person who can die for her

She sees wisdom and the gift…

She smiles and laughs at beauty of life…

She is just enjoying her life… not only for self but for others too…! respect her


Happy International Women’s Day…!


Courtesy: Yug

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