Relationship of LOVE…!

Long back… I used to think that romantic gestures flowers… candlelight dinner by him or her are biggest and special things to nurture the relationships…

But today I perceive it in a different way… I feel that all the small things and the natural moment we are living with someone, mean the most… don’t remove the natural beauty which you carry in your soul to impress someone … you are really forcing yourself in the amazing relationship you tend to share with someone (that is the first and foremost thing you should take care …. If you are sharing a relationship with someone)


Moving on to next thing … Role-switching.!

Receive love by giving love… Receive compliment by complimenting someone… Receive respect by respecting others… Receive yourself by giving your soul to someone special… project yourself into the person’s heart and soul whom you love…

Don’t be yourself only… try to be the other person…. Try to understand yourself to understand someone else… try to understand your own fears to understand his or her fears… and try to understand the real joy of living the moment with him or her… How you feel when you hold the hand on your love? Ask yourself … if you can answer you love the person but first understand it … the real answer about which I’m saying


Last thing … communication and sharing…!

Don’t criticize him or her while communicating… don’t make judgements for him or her…. if you doing that you are hurting or harming him or her…. And by doing that you are doing the same with yourself too

Communicate the love … the compassion … the care … because communicating them leads to nurturance of self … i.e. transformation of self

Don’t share the ego and the pride by the help of words… words carry long lasting effects

Practically every individual have both ego and pride in their behavior…. That is why we should know that both are harmful for the relationship….!


When you look into the eyes of him or her… and you see your own soul looking at you… that means …. He or she is the one you love … and who loves you


Courtesy: Yug

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